How to overcome to climate anxiety
The story about an environmentalist enthusiast who had to deal climate anxiety and how this turned into environmental proactiveness
How I overcame my climate anxiety

Let me share you my brief story of how I turn several feelings (towards the Climate Challenges we are facing as habitants of this world. What is it that triggered those feellings? Does it depend on our education, how we are raised, how deep we are in touch with our feelings and intuiton…

Climate anxiety, grief, concern, worry, fear; all of them are real, and lets be honest. No one tells us how to deal with them.

What triggered my environmental path and where the climate anxiety first appeared?

When I was a kid, I remember my dad putting a bucket in the shower. Something that would mark my life forever.

The bucket was there for a reason: to collect cold water avoiding its free flow to the drainage while the hot water comes. The water collected is used further for other purposes, like flushing the toilet, mopping, etc.

Not bad for someone like my dad who did not have any university degree or any environmental education in highschool at all. Probably the only environmental education back then was in the Mexican TV.

In my teenage years, my dad wasn’t living at home anymore, but this bucket thing was stuck in my mind for some reason. My mom and brother didn’t seem to be really touched by it.

I barely remember how I felt really, I just know that those feelings were the anteroom to my environmental path.

Little di I know that this was going to start my journey into what my ideals are now.

When we are transitioning from childhood to adulthood, I find a pattern in our society’s behavior and that is scarceness to give the right guidance in every aspect of life to those kids.  Myself included in this equation.

So, I had these feelings towards the environment, but then I had no right guidance at all on how to deal with them. I grew up in Mexico city, a city far behind in environmental consciousness in respect to the rest of the world.

No one told me what was happening; in high school or in University as I had only 1 subject related to the environment protection (poorly designed by the way).

The Coping mechanism

My coping mechanism began to develop in my 20s. When I started working as an environmental advisor in the Westin Hotel Mexico City; The event that impacted me and enhanced who I am today was definitely witnessing huge amounts of food that was still edible going to waste. I was amazed at this. It was as if everybody was numbed, so I took responsibility for it in my own way… Since then, I just confirmed that the way I see the world is different from the majority. Something that of course, never made me feel superior, as I was understanding more and more about other people’s perspectives. 

food waste buffet, climate anxiety trigger

Then I changed my diet a few months later and my whole life’s perception was changing again. This action wasn’t even planned, it just came about suddenly; it’s like it wasn’t my decision at all, it came from somewhere else. So as you can imagine, my tolerance and perception of how the world works continued to shift.

Instead of being defensive and always angry at those surrounding me, I really learnt to be empathetic with them and started to understand some behaviors towards myself that eventually turned into patterns. 

Then I started to practice the Art of Compost with my own Food Waste. It made sense. 

Since then, the only thing for me now is to continue moving forward and always improving.

Keep improving in all aspects as well

And now I am going beyond this. Just recently, I discovered another part of me as I faced the challenges of being in a conscious relationship with my highly aware partner Jessica. She has pushed me into a better version of myself and vice versa.  

The sum of all these experiences have led me into my conscious self. I am someone who is embracing who he is more each day. Someone who has to speak out and share. And to me this is the purpose of everything, to continue growing and expanding.

Reason being, I have created an online composting program as a way to integrate all this knowledge, not just to see Composting as a solution to a big, global concern which is waste management, but to use it as a meditative tool to help connect people to Mother Earth.

I see all of this as part of my lifestyle, part of my calmness, part of my meditative medicine if that makes sense. And the best thing is that it can be applied to everything else in life. 

How to turn climate anxiety into action | Renée Lertzman

Recently, I came across a Ted Talk by Rénee Lertzman. And I had the chance to finally understand what I went through all these years.

Please, if you have the chance to listen to it, be my guest,

If you have ever experienced what I did, please share with us in the comments below, as I believe, the more we talk about this, the more we know we are not alone.

As I always say in my program,


Carlos Sierra

If you have felt the same way in your life just as I did, feel called to make a difference in the world, discover what it feels like to really connect with Mother Earth or meditate by enhacning your senses with nature, my Compost Porgram is just for you! It’s simple, inspiring and meditative tool to compost and turn your food waste in 35 days.

About FoodWasteCycle

We aim to create Composting programs that eventually will adapt to any possible small scale situation.

We want to normalise compost, as it has been done with recycling.

We believe that compost is a powerful answer to the Organic Waste pollution worldwide.

-Carlos Sierra-


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