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Food Waste Cycle aims to bring the fundamentals of composting for everyone.


Let’s put Organic Waste and its valuable resources back where they belong.


COMPOST is the answer.


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How Donations Are going to be Used?

The resources are going to be used in different areas such as:

  • Professional development in soil biology through Compost,
  • Research and development for new composting methods that deliver quality Compost,
  • Collecting Compost data from the program participants around the world,
  • Creating networks with associations, non-profits, private initiative, institutions, etc.



A guided meditation to help you cope with fears, concerns and anxieties derived from the Worldwide climate crisis

Backyard Composting

guided, easy to follow, DIY online experience

Transform your Food Waste into precious Compost. Discover how I made it happen in just 35 Days.

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