Mother Earth speaks to you Meditation

The meditation that helps you overcome Stress, Anxiety, Fear derived from the worldwide Climate Crisis

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About this guided meditation

Meet Jessica who will guide you into the world of Mother Earth.

Her soothing voice will transport you into a mindful, grounded and embodied state of consciousness. She will bring to you the healing forest through this visualization.

Relax into this guided meditation to cope with any feelings due to the environmental crisis we are facing.

You will leave this meditation with a new perspective on how you can still make a difference but with a new fresh energy within you.

Receive Mother Earth’s messages of LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.

More the creators behind this art work

What you will get


A powerful coping tool to help you deal with the grief and anger around the environmental crisis


Channel distresses into new fresh motivations to assist Mother Earth


Anchor yourself and calm the nervous system through breathwork


Transport yourself into the healing forest environment and ground yourself, wherever you are


Connect with nature through visualization and recite possitive affirmations


Connect with Mother Earth as she speaks with you


Practice mindfulness to relax into the uncertainty, to manage stress and to overcome worry


Practical guided meditation which takes you into the journey of your mind and body to connect with Mother Nature


Positive and effective strategy for dealing with mental health

Our Intention

Have you experienced anxiety, fear, grief due to the worldwide environmental crisis? Do you wish there were strategies to help you transform these feelings into a healthier way? 

According to the NY times , in 2020, an American Psychiatric Association poll found that more than 50% of Americans are concerned about climate change’s effect on their mental health.

We know how all this feels and how it can easily take over your life.

That’s why we have designed a powerful coping tool to help you deal with the grief and anger about the concerns around the climate crisis we are facing.

It is a practical guided meditation which takes you into the journey of your mind and body to connect with Mother Nature.

This is not a pre-scripted meditation. This was carefully designed from the inspiration of what Mother Earth brings to all of us. Because Mother Earth is wise and is always speaking to us.

This meditation will not only help you cope with the distresses you may be facing, but also assist you in channeling these into new fresh motivations to take action that will further assist Mother Earth. You will anchor yourself through breathwork, connect with nature through visualisation and direct difficult emotions into positive energy.

It was inspired when Jessica and Carlos (conscious couple) were in the forest in Mexico, and were deeply connected to the elements of Mother Earth. So here they share a rich experience with you, so you can not only connect with nature but also receive the beautiful, energising messages that are waiting for you to be heard.

When we connect with Mother Earth we are reminded that we are Love, we are compassion and we always hold this power.

Remember you are not alone. Mother Earth has your back.

Meet our meditation host

Jessica Angileri is a mentor, facilitator and teacher for women around the world, in womb healing, sensuality and self worth empowerment.

With 10 years experience as an educator she has written and delivered meditations, embodiment practices and breathwork techniques for children and adults to help them deal with stress, anxiety and calm the nervous system and more importantly come back into their body.

She is an expert in providing safe strategies for autistic children. Jessica understands how to create a sense of safety to assist those wanting to feel a sense of connection where they come back in the body as a meeting point of their repressed and denied sense of self.

As a samba and ecstatic dancer combined with her own self healing practices, Jessica found her true empowerment and sensual self where she now guides women into discovering their own sensual, erotic, soverign power through meditations, movement and breathwork.

Meet the founder of FoodWasteCycle

Carlos is a Chemical Engineer who has been an environmental enthusiast since his teenage years.

He has always had a deep passion for sharing his voice in how we can make changes in our lives, even the smallest changes; from what we put into our bodies, how we interact with others and with Mother Nature, to our life’s purpose.

Carlos has always been labeled as a “romantic” or “idealist.” And instead of seeing this as a limiting belief, he now embraces it. With wisdom, he is now more grounded about how the world works.

With 7 years of experience managing Organic Waste at different levels and dealing with environmental concerns at a corporate level; he created FoodWastecycle, which aims to bring environmental awareness around Food Waste and Organic Waste in general through the art of Composting.

FoodWasteCycle offers online Composting Programs that help people to embody a solution to one of the biggest challenges we face as habitants of this world: The Organic Waste Pollution.


1: How do I access the audio-meditation?

The access is through, either the Vimeo mobile app or the Vimeo Website.

Once you register your data and purchase our meditation, you will recieve and email where you will be instructed with a special link to the The Mother Earth Meditation.

2: Can I listen the meditation Offline on my mobile?

Yes, absolutely.

Once the Vimeo application is in your mobile, find the Mother Earth Meditation through the link was given to you within the confirmation mail that was sent to your mail.


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