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Food Waste, Compost & Environmental enthusiast spreading consciousness around the planet

The Mexican Chemical Engineer turned Food Waste, Compost & Environmental enthusiast, with a passion for Life.

From working in the environmental department in Mexico City to composting at home, from the age of 15, I developed a sense of awareness towards the environment. At 24 I decided to go on a plant based philosophy… which really began my journey into living more consciously, mindfully and connected to the earth.

I have always had a deep passion for sharing my voice in how we can make changes in our lives, even the smallest changes,  from what we put into our bodies, to how we interact with others and nature, to our life’s purpose.

I have 7 years of experience in organic waste management such as:

Sargassum (seaweed)

Biowaste from food industry

Kitchen Food waste

In 2014, I “grabbed the bull by the horns” and did my first “compost” lot with the Food Waste I was generating at home. I really was satisfied because I was giving organic waste a “second chance” as it is usually a forgotten and wasted resource in my home country.

Carlos, founder of Food Waste Cycle

This passion for compost was activated when I was working in a large hotel as an Environment Consultant, after witnessing tonnes of food waste being managed irresponsibly everyday. Food Waste wasn’t allowed to be given to people or animals, even if a third of that waste was edible.  When I suggested “Reducing and Reusing” strategies, the food and beverage management was unfortunately  offended by these ideas. From that moment I knew I had to take action… but this is a story for another time.

In Mexico City, like in many other places around the world, exists willingness to do the right thing from governments, society, corporations… but it is not enough… Our governments, society, corporations are just the reflection of us as individuals, if we want them to do better it has to start from somewhere within us as individuals. 

I have always been labeled as a “romantic” or “idealist.” And instead of seeing this as a limiting belief, I now embrace it. With wisdom, I am now more grounded about how the world works, and that I can only do so much.

So I am here sharing this journey with you and inviting you to come along with me.

My Mission

Diverting organic waste

1st Phase


Creating online composting programs and standarised methods based on the different conditions that might be found in every household will assist in moving to the next phase.

Home Composting targets to reduce the carbon footprint such as emissions related to the management of Organic Waste as well as greenhouse gas emissions derived from the operations in landfills.

FoodWasteCycle aims to create awareness with household Food Wasye, changing the mindset around Composting. Composting has to be inviting, accessable and part of the daily lives of all citizens.

Bringing compost quality to every home

2nd Phase


Once we have enough data from different living situations and cases of success, then we can use that information to continue building methods that focus more in the quality of the compost.

Considering small scale composting processes don’t always achieve the requirements of compost standards regulations, this is a new challange for FoodWasteCycle,  as compost needs to be safe and of a high standard to grow healthy crops.

Food security programs

3rd Phase


Once FoodWasteCycle has built reliability, then we can start creating networks with institutions, non- for- profit orgnisations and private initiaives, so the program can be reachable to all households.

Food Security will be assured when the methods are applied successfully so there is available compost in every neighbourhood and house around the world. Therefore, the use of quality compost brings food quality into the picture.

This is closing the loop on a larger scope for all people, from those living in cities, to rural areas.

Get involved

After Reducing and Reusing, compost represents an excellent opportunity to people to connect to Mother Earth, be present with ourselves whilst putting a valuable resource where it is needed the most…

FOOD WASTE CYCLE has a big goal to pursiut, that is putting the word “compost” as a common word into everybodies vocabulary.


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