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We can collaborate together to create a positive, environmental impact.

Organic Waste

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Environmental Awareness

Compost now

This is not the place where you will read that landfills are negative to our environment or that a certain percentage of edible food is being wasted.

This is the place for all of you wanting to make a difference and take action, even if it is a small step and when we come together collectively, it becomes a bigger impact.

The Waste Management Hierarchy will tell us about Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, but how are we actually embodying these actions? It is time we set up a positive mindset around Organic Waste. Once we Reduce and Reuse, there’s only one step left, which is COMPOST.

Compost not only means recycling Organic Waste, it is putting valuable resources back into Mother Earth, or in other words. closing the loop.

The good news is, FOODWASTECYCLE is making it attainable to everyone.

Expand your awareness

Practise mindfulness while getting your “hands dirty” as you connect with Mother Earth through composting.

Composting doesn’t have to be difficult or scary when you are guided along the way.



With FOODWASTECYCLE  you will walk away feeling the satisfaction, as you become part of the world wide waste solution.

Food Waste, organic waste

Backyard Composting

Online step-by-step program


Be guided along 5 weeks of the composting process.

Learn how to set up your generation source (kitchen), calculate the Food Waste storage capacity and the compost space you need according to your own situation.

Be in tune with Mother Nature through embodying the technique of compost.


Level - Beginner

For those with a small- large space; no composting to little compost experience; anyone with an itch to envionrmental awareness; or simply just want a rich soil amendment for your plants.

Pricing and Discounts

Original price 80USD. Click below to get the 20 % off code.





Introductory Module: An Introduction to the Backyard Composting Program

Purpose and intention of this composting experience.

(4 videos, 10 min.)

Module 1 : An Introduction to the Compost Fundamentals

Another persepctive in Composting.

Why to compost?

Expanding your awareness through composting.

Mindfulness and shifting compost  mindset.

(7 videos, 27 min.)

Bonus !

Mother Earth guided Meditation (30 min.)

The Mother Earth meditation can be acquired separately

by clicking the buttom below ↓ 

Module 2 : The Set-up of your Compost Process Train

Here you will be aware of the dimensions & capacity of your composting set up, from the Food Waste generation source to the space and resources you need for your composting area.

(9 videos, 50 min.)

Module 3 : The Composting Process

Here you will notice along the compost process, every interesting detail captured by your naked eye. Know the indicators that show you the right way.

Be patient, flexible and tolerant.

Compost success is closer than you think.

(10 videos, 55 min.)


Program Highlights


Program Highlights

Turn your Organic Waste into beautiful compost in 35 days

In addition to directing Organic Waste into better sustainable management, you will have a result within the first two or three weeks. However, it is in the fifth week that you will notice the majority, if not all of your original materials being decomposted.

This method was developed in tropical weather during winter and with a scenario of two people generating an average of 1 pound of Food Waste a day. It is ideal for families, couples, singles generating Food Waste. That means everyone can partake.

This method is based on a small scale scenario and can of course escalate into a larger one, but mainly for organic waste generations in households that have an available space of at least 1 sq yard or 1 sq meter.

3 Modules, video presentations and a masterclass of backyard compost

Module 1

Romance behind compost

Covering a variety of themes such as: the fundamentals, taking on a positive mindset, mindfulness and how connecting with your organic waste and compositing can expand your consciousness.

Module 2

Setting up your compost train

From the Food Waste generation ( food waste manipulation, calculation, storing your food waste) to selecting the composting area.

Module 3

5 week Composting process

10 explanatory videos clearly outlining and guiding you through the details of the process so you never feel alone.

Be part of an e-compost community with people from around the world

There are very low case studies regarding onsite compost. Creating a community that has data from different living situations will eventually be useful to create standardised methods adapted to every case which is why, your involvement is the key to diversity of data.

Have the opportunity to be part of the e-community where you can share your results, thoughts, ideas and concerns with others like you.

Learn the fundamentals of compost with a new-age approach

Learn by doing! It is the best way to experiment. And what better way than to be guided along the way.

Connect with Mother Earth wherever you are

Practice mindfulnes by being present with nature. See how nature works even in an isolated environment where nature is limited.

Be amazed by her process. She is the knowledgeable one, we are just following her rules… we are only the assistants…

Confront your compost challenges

We all have an assumption about compost being scary, dirty, smelly and attracting pests. However, a well managed compost process (as outlined in this program) decreases the chances of having those.

Remember, we are building a community where we can discuss these together. You are never alone in this.


Why to Compost at all?


Why to Compost at all?

Positive impact

Environment, society, economy

  • Waste management costs operation, space for other Wastes on landfills
  • Gas emissions due to the waste management
  • Credit to people who compost at home
  • Creating community
  • Saving on soil expenses or soil amendments like fertilizers
  • Composting Onsite = Low environmental and economic cost


Connect with the essentials

By composting we take one step forward to awareness but it doesn’t stop there.  This positive action will continue to lead us to implement good environmental practices.

Composting creates discipline.

It also generates engagement towards an action that doesn’t really retribute back, other than the satisfaction of doing something great for Mother Earth.

Food Security

The best resource for our soils

Eventually, the more healthy compost we make, the more chances we have better soil, hence, the produce of quality crops.

Composting is part of the awarenness of the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recylce)  in the Food Waste hieriarchy. Onsite composting along with other strategies, like “Farm to Fork Food Waste recovery” or Food Donation, guarentees no waste at any level and that food is being secured for future generations.




My Pitch

But… Why to do compost with Carlos?

Aren’t institutions, governments or non-profits,

working towards the implementation of

environmantal strategies?

I invite you to check internet information about “home”, “backyard”, “onsite” Composting… There is amazing information out there and I am sure you are aware of it already also.

However, what is evident to me, is that there is no proper guidance for ordinary people, like us. If you are like me, you have searched for the right method or the right recipe or the right person to guide you along.

Hence, I have taken the time to create the most reliable and resourceful method to compost… From the generation source (that would be your kitchen) to the actual composting process…

I am telling you, it is not that simple like the internet would say, but it is not complicated either… it requires discipline, time, effort and the support from FoodWasteCycle.

I have been dealing with organic waste for 7 years.  During that time, even whilst moving several times, regardless of the space or the conditions, I always found my way to divert that organic waste I generated and gave it better use, most of the times, compost.

So believe me, I know what it takes to start from scratch and with limited resources. Compost shouldn’t be about the struggle, instead, it should be an opportunity to connect with nature, be present and be satisfied.


Why do I “have” to do it?

Well, you don’t “have” to do it, I mean, it is a free will decision.

But let me invite you to consider that, even if you don’t want to take action with your bare hands, you can still do a lot about this topic without getting your “hands dirty”.

I always remember a quote,

“The best waste is the one that is not generated at all.”

-unknown author-

In other words, you can always reduce Food Waste by planning your grocery shopping or taking more conscious decisions as a consumer; or reuse by donating or selling;  and if at the end your organic waste has no other purpose, you can always find someone else that can compost for you such as:

  • Curbside compost or urban composting,
  • energy to waste programs, and;
  • (in the last resorts) controlled incineration or landfill facilities with methane gas collection.

But… let me tell you, in addition to all of this and despite global efforts; institutions, government and non-profits, are taking action on the environmental problems but they can’t cover it all.

So this is where we come into this, and not just for the purpose of the envionrment but for every aspect of our lives. We need to take action. And let’s bring compost into our every day language, just as we have with recycling.

Other Resources

Here are some sources that I consider reliable and can help build your own perspective around waste:


If I can get information on the internet for free, why take your course?

Look, I am devoted to developing methods that precisely make composting easy for you, this is what I was initially searching for when I started my compost journey. While I am sure there is  great guidance out there, I noticed just a few  go in depht like I do… 

My life is printed in this work, so I aim to bring purpose and a different perspective of what composting is.  


Do you offer private consultations?

Yes, I would offer private consultations with a schedule appointment. 

Also, please have in mind that another amazing way to be supported is through our e-compost community. This community will be available 24/7 and of course you would share any concern or succes story in it with other memebers.

FAQ related to the composting programs will occur periodically within the online platform.

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